Jaded Artist

is a web and print media service that provides the soundest expertise in the newest methods in graphic design and web development. Decades of experience in marketing and advertising are brought to the table to insure your product or service will enter the public eye in the best possible light.


selected work, from experience exceeding 25 years: demonstrating the range of creative promotional services you can expect.

Internet Media Services

Website Design

Jaded Artist offers a variety of website & e-commerce design packages to fit your needs. Jaded Artist will display your web presence to the world in its best possible light, using your current look or creating a whole new company image.

Website Hosting

Looking for a host for your website? From a simple web presence to selling your goods online with an e-commerce package, Jaded Artist can provide you with the right hosting package to suit your needs.

Website Maintenance

Like your home, a website requires upkeep or even remodeling. Jaded Artist can provide both the housekeeping and the construction with a maintenance package.

Print Media Services

Art & Logos

Whether you are a new company in need of a logo or your existing image is outdated, Jaded Artist can provide you with a look that will establish your presence, compliment your business plan and give your company a competitive edge.

Printed Media

Your business requires you to network and be ready to provide potential customers with printed media that describes your product or service. Supportive print media strengthens your Internet presence.

Layout & Design

Your business should reach customers beyond the Internet. Jaded Artist offers design and layout services for stand alone print media like advertorials, newsletters & catalogs.


Internet, Print & Social Media

Are you confused by all the web and social media stuff? You’d like to know where your investment in your brand will best serve you but you don’t know where to begin?
Jaded Artist can research your ideas, help you avoid pitfalls, and put you in the best direction towards your goals.

Now What?

Let’s volley ideas about your website or print media project and polish your brand. Email me at jadedartistinternet@comcast.net or call me at 901.270.8409.