I am a commercial artist with over twenty five years of experience in branding, web design and development, and design and layout in publishing. I hand select my limited clients, providing them with graphic design and web services that keep their brand relevant in an ever changing market.


I started building websites in the dawn of the dot-com boom, designing them in Photoshop and writing the code in Notepad, in the mid-1990's. Aside from running my own web design firm for over a decade, I worked on in-house and client websites and branding for two major newspapers, a magazine and a major United States defense contractor.

Just me. No one here to pass the buck to or lean on dismissive company policy.


Chelle Ellis


I sign the contracts, answer phones/emails, send out the invoices.

Chelle Ellis


I design all the websites, logos, and supportive marketing materials.

Chelle Ellis


I develop all the websites, databases, and keep the server all safe and snug.

Now What?

Let’s volley ideas about your website or print media project and polish your brand. Email me at or call me at 901.270.8409.