• This is a social networking website for over 100 members, where artists can build a small webpage with a featured project, supporting slideshow, links & video; add photos to their galleries, send/receive messages and “tweets” to other members, post in forums, view calls to artists, group exhibits and news.

  • Covid-19 canceled all physical exhibitions scheduled in 2020, so MGAL went virtual with a new exhibit, named Together Virtual Art Exhibit.  Users could walk through the virtual exhibit with their mouse; or take the tour, which moved to each work through the exhibit for them.

  • FlipBook of the Together Virtual Art Exhibit was also provided for novice users or others who might find 3D VR a dizzying experience.

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[ flipbooks ]

  • I created the organization; organized, produced and curated all the art exhibits; designed the logos, branding and merchandise; developed and maintain the website, webstore, online catalogs, videos and 3D virtual exhibits, since 2016.

[ flipbooks ]

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[ merchandise ]

  • A website I am developing for the G.O.A.T. PICNIC, which celebrates the heritage & music of Otha Turner; through an annual goat roasting picnic, with ancestral fife & drum music by The Rising Stars Fife and Drum Band; as well as live performances by Rhythm & Blues artists, who come to the picnic from all parts of the nation.

[ digital video ]

  • I am a visual artist, with a working studio since 2006.
  • I have developed two websites with separate functions:
  • Moosh Print Studio is my working art studio, named after my muse and little black & white Pekingese, Mooshi Moonpie.
  • mooshprint.com is an e-commerce and blog website I developed and maintain in WordPress.
  • mooshprint.com is where I sell my work and easily post updated information about my process or art exhibits where my work is sold.
  • chelleellis.com is a website I designed in Adobe Photoshop and developed in Notepad using dHTML/javascript.
  • chelleellis.com is my personal website I have been dragging from server to server for more than a decade.  It’s easy to take down and set back up and I am simply sentimental for its retro style/functionality.
  • A home renovation blog that I developed and maintain in WordPress for my pre-1883 home in Coldwater, Mississippi.
  • I am the content creator for this blog that I developed in WordPress, at the end of 2017.
  • Audience can engage, comment and subscribe to the website newsletter for emailed updates.

[ letters of recommendation ]

Apr 16, 2020:
Apr 20, 2020:
Apr 22, 2020:

Written by Danielle Sumler
Written by Dana Finimore
Written by Linda Feathers

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